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SEO is not one time effort. Nor is it something you can set on autopilot and expect great results. it involves a number of important ongoing tactics and strategies, including Audit,technical optimization, off-site Optimization, Monthly Reporting.

Why A SEO Specialist Is Better Than Any SEO Tool.

There are a number of SEO tools on the market. However, a competent SEO specialist will always produce better results than any tool. The following are three reasons why:

  • A good SEO specialist possesses in-depth knowledge of how to optimize a website for Google search. Google is constantly updating its algorithms, and only an experienced SEO specialist knows how to adapt quickly to these changes.

  • Most SEO tools are generic and cannot be customized according to the specific needs of a website. An SEO specialist can analyze a website and make recommendations for on-page optimization that will produce better results than any generic tool.

  • An SEO specialist can monitor your rankings and make adjustments as necessary, whereas with most tools there is no ongoing monitoring or support provided if you encounter problems with your rankings or traffic levels after implementing recommendations from the tool itself;

But here's the thing: if you use an SEO tool, you'll get better results than if you use no tool at all. That's because when it comes to optimizing your site for search, Google changes its algorithms constantly. And if you don't have in-depth knowledge about how to adapt quickly and effectively, then any changes Google makes could mean major losses in traffic and visibility. But if you're working with a good SEO specialist who can analyze your website and make recommendations based on what they find? They'll be able to help you adjust quickly so that nothing goes to waste!

An SEO specialist is even more invaluable at the moment, as the search engine landscape shifts and adapts constantly. There's no such thing as Google-proofing your website, so you're always going to need to stay ahead of the curve. As long as SEO specialists continue to reign supreme in the realm of SEO, there will be a need for their services. However, SEO tools will likely never fully replace them.

My Skills


help you to reach your targeted audience & increase online visibility.


I will design beautiful and interactive website for your business

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your competitors and give you recommendations

Keyword Research

help you to find winning keywords for your business


A LinkedIn certification is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and further your professional network. With more than 469 million users and growing, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site and is used by 94% of recruiters when scouting for new talent. So I recently obtained certifications in Google Analytics, SEO, and WordPress.

Hello there! Happy to see you here.

I’m Naveen Chamara, an SEO specialist who can offer the right SEO strategies and plans to your exact needs. As a young entrepreneur, I am passionate about search engine optimizing, web page optimizing and branding.

Initially, I was an aircraft technician in a leading company. Then I shifted my profession and became a freelancer. In addition, I have successfully completed High National Diploma in Digital Marketing at Asia Pacific Institute. This diploma has equipped my knowledge and skills about SEO strategies and tactics.

Google is a huge platform that fills with billions of web pages. Hence, ranking on the first page and generating organic traffic is a challenge. Thus, I offer an integrated approach for my clients to improve the businesses by boosting up their web pages on the first page and reaching out to the target customer base.

SEO Tools by me (FREE TO USE)

Specialties of My Digital Services

  • SEO/SEM Marketing

  • Web development WordPress

  • UI/UX Design

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Website Audit

  • Keyword Research

  • Google Data Studio

My major goal is to create satisfied clients. Thus, I offer several customized packages to you. In addition, quality work, delivering on time, and the best budget are the golden three pillars that holding my success.

“Websites serve you twenty-four hours per day. No employee will do that. Hence, it is a brilliant investment to grow up your business. So, let’s bloom your business together".

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